Cam Gunn

I’m the Dad/Builder who rides around town saying things like, “That house there? I worked on that house. And that one? Yup, that one too.” That’s what happens when you find a trade you love and you stick with it for 20 something years. The Es in EeG builders are our two builders in training, Emmett and Estie. He’s the older, taller E. She’s the younger, right up front and center, e. Building is in our blood. My grandfather was a master craftsman and, along with his stellar eyebrows, he passed that skill onto me. Lucky for the Es, the eyebrows appear to have skipped a generation. The passion for creating remains strong. In addition to the tiny crew in training, EeG builders have cultivated a network of local, skilled, tradespeople of all variety at the ready. Organizing projects large and small is like a family reunion. Lots of laughing, an amazing amount of collaboration, and a few potluck lunches to keep us connected and nourished.


When I was a spritely young fella, before either e had arrived, I framed houses. While I do love to see the bones of a home come together, remodeling and finish work is where my passion lies. Following projects through to the finish line adds the extra punch of satisfaction for a job well done. I love working in the older homes on the Seacoast.  Figuring out how to retrofit century-old homes with modern convenience and state-of-the-art function makes it all worth it. 

Project Management

My wife planned our wedding. She booked the band, chose the flowers, arranged the honeymoon. She even tucked a box of fancy cufflinks in my suit pocket for me to find the morning of our wedding day.  Back then I didn’t quite get the amount of time it took to manage it all. The phone calls, the running here, there, and everywhere to get it all done while she was in graduate school and working full time. I get it now. And I’m really good at it. Not the dress picking, but the organizing/planning/making sure everything gets done on time, on budget, and to everyone’s satisfaction. I can put together a decent flower arrangement too.


Those small details that make a house a home… and not just any home, but a home where guests ask, “Who did this work?” That’s what EeG finish work is all about- buttoning up the final trim and adding those astonishing minor bits that make a giant statement. The penny with the year your home was built set into the backside of the baluster on the way out, that’s EeG. The excavated nail from the 1800s that finds its way into the main entrance, that’s EeG too. Personal, meaningful, beautiful details. Finish work is all of the above

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